Haul Away


Haul Away services by Tree Trimmers USA.  Did you know that Property Codes may require a special pick-up for large piles of trimmings?  In some cases, this requirement is not covered in your regular trash service assessment. Hauling will eliminate the clutter and messy look of your property. You will not have to wait for … Continue reading

Property Line Cut Back


Property Line Clean Up Did you know that property Line Clean Up by Tree Trimmers USA is professional and cost effective.  No pyramids, stones, stakes, shrubs or trees are permitted in the swale area. Swale areas must be kept free of trash, debris, and litter to prevent obstruction of the driveway culvert and swale. When … Continue reading



Tree Trimmers USA Residential Mulching Service Mulching is one of the most effective methods of weed control. It is one of the solutions that we typically provide for our clients who are experiencing problems with weeds in their shrub and flower beds. Generally speaking, mulch is a material that is applied onto the soil that … Continue reading

Stump Grinding


Stump Grinding by Tree Trimmers USA removes old tree stumps in your yard.  Old Tree Stumps can be a bigger problem than a simple lawn-mowing obstacle. A decaying tree stump can become a home to pests, rot, and disease. Many insects, such as termites, ants, wood wasps, beetles, and roaches will invade and nest in … Continue reading



Managing weeds in shrub and flower beds can be very challenging. Finding the root causes of weeds and removing them can be a difficult task without professionals. Probably the biggest problem with weeds in the garden environment is that they compete with the plants that you are trying to grow. Your garden species of plants … Continue reading

Lot Clean Up & Tree Removal

Lot Clean Up and Tree removal on your lot is a service provided to maintain your property and getting rid of unwanted or unhealthy trees, tree stumps, and brush is actually good for your landscape as your trees and other plants grow over time.  Without other trees growing so closely, your trees will be able … Continue reading

Tree Shaping


Allow our highly skilled team to shape your trees in order to maximize the longevity of your valuable landscape. Tree Shaping involves the selective removal of parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots. Reasons to shape plants include deadwood removal, shaping (by controlling or directing growth), improving or maintaining health, reducing risk … Continue reading

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming with Tree Trimmers USA

Tree trimming and pruning is necessary for maintaining the basic care of your trees. Landscaped trees require routine care to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetics. Periodic trimming is necessary to cut overgrowth away from your home, to clear trees from signs, remove lower tree branches, or to cut trees back from driveways, electrical power lines, … Continue reading

Tree Removal


IMPORTANT NOTICE Before planning to remove trees from your property, we advise you to contact your City Code Enforcement Officials and your Home Owners Association (if residing in a private community) to verify permit requirements and any restrictions that may prohibit tree removal. Trees naturally decay over a period of time and die. The lifespan … Continue reading