Tree Removal Services


Before planning to remove trees from your property, we advise you to contact your City Code Enforcement Officials and your Home Owners Association (if residing in a private community) to verify permit requirements and any restrictions that may prohibit tree removal.

Trees naturally decay over a period of time and die. The lifespan of a tree varies based on its type, health, and surrounding conditions, such as weather, wood-boring bugs, inadequate water, or lack of nutrient supply.

Reasons to Remove a Tree:

  • To replace it with a more desirable species
  • If it’s planted to close to a building
  • If it’s an invasive species
  • A fruit tree that is no longer productive
  • It’s too huge for a small yard

Dead trees are declared a public hazard when they have a trunk diameter of 4 inches or greater and are within a radius of 80 feet from any building, roadway, or overhead electrical or communication service. The dead tree(s) must be removed to a level not exceeding 72 inches of surrounding ground level.