Weeding Services


Managing weeds in shrub and flower beds can be very challenging. Finding the root causes of weeds and removing them can be a difficult task without professionals.

Probably the biggest problem with weeds in the garden environment is that they compete with the plants that you are trying to grow. Your garden species of plants – ornamentals or edibles – have been bred to favor certain genetic characteristics, such as flower color or taste, and they are no match for that of many of the weeds they may have to compete with.

Weed adaptions include vigorous root systems that easily overpower those of cultivated plants when it comes to taking in available nutrients and water. They also have an ability to grow quickly upwards and outwards so as to crowd out your plants and to take all the available light. This leaves plants weakened, so that they will die off or be more susceptible to attack from pests and diseases.

Many weeds are adapted to germinate early in the season, gaining an advantage over the plants around them. Their new growth can provide sustenance for sap sucking insects, like aphids. This enables colonies of sap-suckers to build up, ready to attack your plants in force when they tentatively unfurl their soft spring foliage.

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