Property Line Cut Back Services


Property Line Clean Up

Did you know that property Line Clean Up by Tree Trimmers USA is professional and cost effective.  No pyramids, stones, stakes, shrubs or trees are permitted in the swale area. Swale areas must be kept free of trash, debris, and litter to prevent obstruction of the driveway culvert and swale. When a plastic liner has been installed, it must be maintained and kept clear. Have us remove trash, debris, litter grass clippings, etc., to prevent obstructing water flow.  All of these requirements can be found on the county website, click here for more information.  Debris types or special haul-away needs visit our haul-away service page.

All property must be maintained as not to cause an unsanitary nuisance to surrounding properties. Overgrowth of grass and weeds are big causes of unsanitary nuisances.  To learn more about Tree Trimmers USA visit our about page for more information.